Social Projects

Social projects

Housing Projects:
Treemex is sponsoring housing in Swakopmund, Namibia.
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Education Projects:
Children education sponsored by Treemex in either Ghana and Namibia.
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„Garden-Project Klein Aub/Namibia“

Klein Aub is a village of 750 inhabitants 200 km south of Windhoek the capital of Namibia.

The ongoing draught and the stop of tourism due to Covid has hit the community very hard and there seems no end in sight.

This motivated us to do something for ourselves. We started a garden at the end of March when the first Lock down was announced.

Our climate is very harsh, cold in winter around freezing for the most part of July and August. Up to 40 degrees in December and January on top of this we have strong winds and rocky ground. The positive is strong water!

So we had to protect the garden with netting and load and transport suitable ground as well as start to compost for which we had to bring in most material.

At this stage we are well prepared to get going once the warmer weather sets in.

Seedlings have been set and are coming on nicely.

The use of the Treemex donation; initially it was planned to work for (future) food. Since the community has little income and little food we have to pay for labor. So the donation will basically feed the community until the garden will produce.

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Upcoming Projects:
Our next future project will be to sponsor Solar-Electricity in Ghana!