About us



Treemex is the premier German supplier for Timbers from West Africa. We are proud of our long (in excess of 40 years) association and experience in this particular trade. We permanently hold stocks of around 30 different species of West African Timber in Logs, Log Sawn and S/E-Lumber AD and KD in Germany and the UK

We are able to provide special cutting facilities in lengths up to 14,00 m and diameters of up to 2,20 m and large kilning capacities at our facilities in Germany.

We can also facilitate exports from many ports on the West African Coast for direct shipments both containerised and break bulk.

Our exports are mainly generated out of Central African Republic, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana and Liberia. Together with our Partners we are working to supply both finished and semi-finished products such as laminates, glued scantlings, panels, kitchen

worktops, etc. as a further benefit to our large portfolio of products. Our experienced buyers are continuously present in Africa to carry out quality controls and liaises with our suppliers.

We have recently opened a new office in Douala to improve our service. As a result we are in constant contact with the foresters and sawmills enabling us to meet the high standards and demands of our customers around the world.